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International Economy Trade

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International Economy & Trade (Taught in English)
International trade offers satisfying and rewarding careers and remains one of the most popular international affair areas. There is a continuing demand for international trade professionals and our courses provide graduates with the opportunities to work and play key roles in international trade departments, foreign companies and foreign affairs office in the government. The courses are initially broad based and are specialized in the later years.
» What You Study:
Microeconomics, Macro-economics, Accounting, Statistics, International Economics, Econometrics, International Trade, International Finance, International Business, International Technology Trade, International Marketing, International Settlement, International Commercial Law, Modern Business English Letters, Duty Business, International Trade Transportation & Insurance, Import & Export Merchandise Testing, International Economy Cooperation.
» Where You Go:
In the modern global economy, international economy and trade is the greatest road to success. A graduate with a broader picture of business is often the best person for the new economy workplace. So, if you are looking for a wider understanding of the business and economic environment, then this highly popular and long-running course would be suitable for you.

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