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Summer Class for Russian Students Came to A Successful End

        In early August, Liaoning University of Technology(LUT) ushered teacher and students from Usolye First Secondary School as summer class during this Summer Vacation, which was the first time Usolye First Secondary School sent students to LUT since the cooperation between the two school was established.

        The vigorousness from these young boys and girls brought vitality to this serene university. And students started their 10-day learning in China. After consideration of students’ age, in addition to Chinese learning, leaders and teachers from School of International Education also arranged courses of traditional Chinese painting, martial art, Chinese paper-cutting and mahjong to motivate their passion of learning Chinese, to enhance their understanding and love of China and Chinese culture.

        On August 11, Ma Xin, Dean of School of International Education, took the summer class students to visit the laboratories of key disciplinary fields, Mechanical Automation and Automobile. Also, they visited the exhibition hall of College of Arts and Architecture. She pointed out that under the current international circumstance, China and Russia would be needed by each other in many fields like information, energy sources, machinery and culture, etc. Not only would this be promoting mutual cooperation between China and Russia, but also it would provide a capacious developing platform for the youth of the two great countries. She hoped these young students could seize this opportunity to further their study in China in the near future so that one day they might make contribution to the development of the two countries.

        In this learning duration, School of International Education organized trips to Jinzhou Bijia Mountain, Beijing Great Wall, Imperial Palace, Tian’an Men(the Gate of Heavenly Peace) and the Olympic Park. Summer class students were all very excited for they could experience the extensive and profound Chinese culture.

        On August 15, the summer class finished all the courses during this vacation and all the students were issued course-completion certificate by Ma Xin and Wang Wenli, Dean and Vice Dean of School of International Education. The summer class students all believed they had a very substantial and significant vacation and hoped they could come back to China to continue their study here in LUT.



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