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Greetings for 2014 from President He

My dear faculties and students,

Good day!

     As the year 2013 has gone, we are now embracing a hopeful New Year--2014. On behalf of LUT, we hereby express our sincere and heartfelt blessing to the entire faculty and staff, in-service or retired, and all the students, domestic and international, alumni, and personages of all circles who care and support the development of Liaoning University of Technology.

     In 2013, Liaoning University of Technology has accomplished splendid achievements. Our university’s off-campus practice education base was approved as a Construction Project by the Ministry of Education. Also, our university has been selected as one of the National Key Construction Universities, which means LUT can obtain more national investment. In the national competition “Challenge Cup”, which was regarded as a technology innovation Olympic for college students, our university students won the top three in Liaoning Province Division. All these achievements indicate that the quality of student cultivation and the core competitiveness of our university have been promoted a lot.

     In 2013, LUT acquired one pilot major as the first batch of Local University Reform, one National Undergraduates’ off-Campus Practice Education Base, two pilot majors of the Provincial University Comprehensive Reform, three pilot majors of Provincial Undergraduate Training Mode Reform, a Provincial Model Center of Experiment Teaching, a Provincial Students Practice Education Base. Our university established 7 Provincial Classic Resource-sharing Courses and declared 14 Provincial Classic Resource-sharing Courses in the fourth batch. In the year 2013, 25 professional teaching materials were approved and 28 Off-campus Practice Education Bases established. Until now, there were 184 off-campus practice education bases. LUT initiated 146 Innovation-and-undertaking Businesses Projects, was approved of 15 National Innovation-and-undertaking Businesses Projects, and was entitled to develop 50 Provincial Innovation-and-undertaking Businesses Projects. Our university took part in 22 National and Provincial competitions and won 495 various awards, among which there were 45 National Awards and 450 Provincial Awards.

     Our scientific research work has made a great breakthrough, which means LUT has become a member of an innovative group of higher education institutions in Liaoning province. Two staffs were selected to participate in the first batch of Excellent Talents Supporting Project and 4 staffs were selected to participate in the second batch of Excellent Talents Supporting Project of Liaoning Province Education Department. The Science and Technology expenditure of LUT was over 80 million including 11 national funding projects and 54 provincial and municipal funding projects. Our university won 4 provincial and ministerial awards, including one first prize, one second prize and 4 municipal awards. We have published 161 academic papers in SCI, EI and ISTP, with 205 core papers and 12 patents. The university has carried out collaboration innovative projects with local enterprises actively and made outstanding contributions to the development of industries in Liaoning Province.

     In 2013, Liaoning University of Technology was entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship Students, which indicated the national ratification of our school characteristics and superiority, symbolizing that our university’s education and cultivation towards international students has stepped into the national level. Along with language students, there are now around 420 international students in total, including 320 undergraduates and postgraduates.

     Six English-taught bachelor programs (Telecommunication Engineering, International Economy and Trade, Computer Science and Technology, Civil Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering and Petro-chemical Engineering), 8 master programs, and Chinese language courses are provided for international students at LUT. Our university focuses on engineering-oriented education in international education, which meets the needs of undertaking industrial transfer in developing countries. LUT provides advanced teaching equipment, an excellent learning environment; establishes the scholar system of school scholarship, industry scholarship and foreign government scholarship to attract outstanding students from all over the world to study in our university. Meanwhile, students in our university accomplished outstanding achievements as well. Muhammad Sani Adamu along with two other students has taken part in the National Undergraduate Electronic Contest and won the first prize of Liaoning Division. Not only have they earned their bonus and valuable experience in China, but also honor for the school.

     My dear faculties and students, our country is under systematic and rapid development. To adapt to the new situation, we should establish an engineering-oriented education system which can better highlight our local features. To meet the market’s requirements and utilize our advantages, we will put forth effort to cultivate applied and qualified personnel and demonstrate our university’s wisdom and strength. LUT will continue working with enthusiasm to realize our university’s 12th-Five-Year plan and become a first-class, well-known, influential, and international high-level university, making a new and brilliant resplendence.

     At last, I sincerely wish all faculties and students a happy and healthy life. Happy New Year!

President He Hui

January, 2014


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