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Bachelor Programs

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Telecommunication Engineering
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Telecommunication Engineering (Taught in English)

In recent years, with the advanced development of the communication and information industry, especially the emergence of the international information industry, more and more communication technical personnel are needed every year. This major mainly trains high-grade engineering and technical personnel in the areas of the design, manufacturing, network construction and operation maintenance to meet the development of the communication industry. In a 4-year period, a student will earn a Bachelor of Engineering Degree.

» What You Study:

Courses of Circuit Theory & Its Application, Courses of Computer Technology, Signal & System, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Electromagnetic Field Theory, Fibre Communication, Basic Communication Network, Computer Network & Communication.

» Where You Go:

Following completion of the course work, students will grasp the basic theoretical knowledge and specialized skills in communication engineering, information transmission and processing, communication systems and communication networks, and have good fundamental training to be an engineer. After graduation, students can pursue the development, research, design, manufacturing, maintenance and management of communication systems, communication networks, communication devices, or teaching and research work in colleges or universities.

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