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Materials Physics and Chemistry
Material Science
Materials Processing Engineering
Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy
Chemical Process Machinery
Ideological and Political Education
Basic Principles of Marxism
Business Administration
Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
Communication and Information System
Computer Science and Technology
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
Mechanical Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Design and Theory
Chemical Process Equipment
Vehicle Engineering
Vehicle Operation Engineering
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Power System and its Automation
Power Electronics and Power Drives
Communication and Information System
Computer Applied Technology


  RMB 29,400 per year (2.5-year system)

(24,000 per year with the cooperation program)


1.      Living on campus: furnished double-bed room; furnished family-style apartment

RMB 500/600/700 yuan per month

2.      Living off campus is allowed.

Other fees:

» Application:           RMB 700

 » Resident permit:     RMB 800 per year

   » Photos:                  RMB 40

   » Medical checkup:  RMB 400

   » Room deposit:       RMB 300

   » Insurance:              RMB 600 per year

   » Student card:         RMB 10

   » Books:                  Depending on courses

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