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Business Administration

Business Administration consists of five research directions:

1. Corporate crisis and information management

The professional research on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, it including Modeling and Simulation, Human Experiences in the Design of Crisis Response and Management Services and Systems, Planning, Foresight and/or Risk Analysis, Qualitative methods, community engagement & Action Research in Crisis Management. Mastering the systems thinking and systems analysis knowledge and capabilities of information management

2. Corporate Governance and Human Resources Management

The professional research on model of corporate governance and the governance mechanisms, the core of human resource management, the manager's incentives and constraints, human resource development and strategy, Enterprise Group human resources management and control, corporate strategy and human resources integration.

3Financial analysis and statistical forecasting

The professional cultivate complex managements who own knows for managers of modern finance, modern management and statistical knowledge management, for various government agencies, research institutes, financial, insurance, futures, funds and other units.

4Corporate Strategy and Innovation Management

The professional system adapt to the development of China's socialist market economy necessary, it cultivates independent strategic management, complex talent and decision-makers with a sense of global innovation ideas.

5 Business operations and transnational management

The Professional is designed to develop students' awareness of economic globalization, to shape their ability to meet the challenges of globalization, students can engaged in sorts of works for corporate administration, human resource management, international trade, export strategy development and so on.

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