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Materials Physics and Chemistry

Material Physics and Chemistry consists of four research directions:

1, Alloy electron structure calculation and its application in material science: aiming at studying the composition design and performance prediction of Titanium alloy, steel and Aluminum alloy material.

2, Inorganic nonmetal material: aiming at studying the strengthening and toughening of ceramics material, the high strength, high temperature resistance, catalytic and the decontaminating filter material, the comprehensive exploitation and development for industrial waste, key technology of clear melting for Magnesite mineral and its equipment development.

3, Nanometer material and catalyst: aiming at studying the preparation, characterization of the material of nanometer-material, and its application in the catalytic reaction, including the preparation of the nanometer oxide and its application as catalyst carrier, the preparation of the nanometer-stick and nanometer-film and its application in the preparation of hydrogen, dimethyl ether reforming, methane reforming and fine organic synthesis.

4, Photoelectric functional material: aiming at studying the properties and improving technology of nanometer-material dye sensitized solar cell, the application of ZnO-based transparent conducting films on Si-based solar cell, TiO2 nanometer material photocatalysis and its application.

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